Can you help me to identify this mark and possibly its value? View cart for details. This lamp was first modeled in 1953 by master sculptor Arthur Moeller and has been redesigned several times. Over 4,000 Hummel Figurines in stock at great prices. Does the marking on the hummel affect its value? I have created a blog (since my last post, and supplied the address here for you). numbers 42/0 and a painted 3. It almost looks like an A. I found out that this piece may be one of two bookends; That is why the back is flat. The approximate value of the Happy Traveler Hummel is between $75 to $230 depending on the trademark stamp it has. I have a figurine that has a tape label that says, Retreat to Saftey In tausend Angsten. It was framed and matted in Salzburg but no year. The glazed blanks are finely painted using a palette of more than 200 colors, all handpicked by Maria Innocentia Hummel way back in the 1930s. There are two sets of numbers on the bottom. It looks like Apple Tree Girl, but one of her shoes is off and there is a dog on the ground with her shoe in his mouth. lt only shows W Germany under the V and bee on the bottom. Artist hand initialed in black ink. out the age. Is the bee a small bee (you can tell this because it fits in the V) or a large bee (it does not fit in the V its wings are above the top)? Nothing incised or printed. This all depends on the condition and the market. 3. However, when the Beswick company was later bought, no documentation, molds, or references for the Hummel figurines were discovered. Rodental-West Germany I have a To Market hummell from the 1970s markings and has the number 49 3/0. Accessibility. With such a large pool of mint condition Hummels most the time it is really hard to sell a damaged one. I have other figurines marked as later shown W. Germany. Finally, real Goebel-made Hummels use a specific color palette defined by Maria Innocentia herself. Goebel used the same trademarking on all its products until 1990. It says Western Germany not W. Germany like all the pictures I see on the internet. It looks to be from the 79-90 period. You can return this item for any reason: no shipping charges. I went back to the store and looked at the Wayside Devotion figurine again. This does not sound like a Hummel product. This is where history ends. Hummel #124/0 Hello trademark 3 the approximate retail value of this is $350-400. has 1949 engraved in it & has the v with a bee goebel & west germany. Sometimes, its just another factory control number. l couldnt find any other marks on the bottom. This mark is the official trademark of Goebel. On the back there is the following writings : Germany 20494. This depends on the condition of the figurine and what the figurine is depicting. So I would say you have a TMK 4 (*note I have not seen the Hummel so I can not say 100% but my best guest is you have a TMK 4) If you still think you might have a TMK 2 you can always send picture to a auction house that does apprasials and they should be able to tell you for sure. The subject is a boy carrying a closed umbrella under his left arm while both hands are in his pockets. Site design: Dave Lindberg Marketing & Design. It is a little girl sitting, she appears to be knitting and singing along with a blackbird that is sitting on her lap. Most of mine are marked prior to 1960 and I have sone with the #1 trademark. Thank you so much for your reply, I am sorry about the multiple request, I did see others and did not realize how time consuming it must be for you. I have been trying to find out about my little 5 1/2 inch tall Madonna for Years now:( To no avail, I have never found a similar comparison. Stormy Weather (Hum 71) $310.00. Many of them have the mark (R) on the bottom and I can find no reference to that mark. A genuine Hummel figurine would be from West Germany. It is also signed and says Lee 74. Hummel signture, but not like 1935-1949.What does all of this mean? Sorry I can not be of much help with your item. markings V with full bee (R) and also the The only numbers anywhere on the figure at the bottom are as I explained earlier, after re-cheking them. Hummel 53 does not come in the III version. Many thanks Emma, I also have the same jug, although mine has the Letter L under the V and small black letters in the middle I cannot decipher. Hummel First Mate 2148/B Trademark 8 is worth about $65 (USD), Hummel Apple Tree Girl 141 3/0 Trademark 8 is worth about $125 (USD), I have a Hummel figurine which is all brown. The following is what is stamped on the back. I have two in particular that are Sensitive Hunter 6/0. If you could please send me a couple of pictures of the side and bottom (as clear and detailed as you can manage)of the figurines to [emailprotected] it would greatly help me in trying to find their names. 12. It looks like a casting or model. When this happens we use the latest TMK for appraisal and vaule purposes. It looks like a charcoal?? Im confused whether its authentic or not. They have many different trademarks. One of the Hummels are Spring Blossoms BH/3/2/0 Goebel 2003 China..the next one is a 1993 stapmed 479 I brought you a gift there is nothing wrong with her and they are asking 16.50.the next one is 1992 4B 629 from me to you. Out of Stock. The question I have is on 9 of them they are marked with Western Germany. Thanks so much! These are usually marked with mold numbers 903 to 914. Hi..I just got a email for non delivery. Most Valuable M.I. I cant seem to find any clear pictures anywhere to compare. Can you check the TMK again please? The only real difference between the marks in 1957 through the 1972 is the usage of W.Germany (in your case Western Germany)and then later with Goebel. One has a boy carrying a case mounted on the right side of a oval sign which says The original Hummelfigures and a name below. Hummel 141/1 & 141/2 Apple Tree Girl & Boy Figures. 5th Annual Plate 1975 Factory control number a small 2-digit number hand-painted or incised used to signify who assembled the Hummel figurine. After initial resistance, M.I. Most auction companies organize collectible auctions, advertised to networks of knowledgeable collectors and traders. Hello, Trying to find When Hummels were worth something, a tmk 2 for Stormy Weather would have been worth between $850-950. I have a Hummel given to me by my grandmother. Who has better hops? Thanks. The problem is that each one has the tiniest chip somewhere: the pigtail ends, the tip of a feather, some tiny end of something. The other is Hello 124/0 looks like 1965. I will need to see the trademark to tell you more about the date. Hello, Can you tell me if there is any value to this piece? This is the Goebel Hummel figurine. The trademark is a large blue bee inside a v inside a depressed circle with the word Germany underneath. The bottoms of both of these are also slightly more like the shapes of the figurine bottoms. This figurine is 7 tall. You can email pictures to [emailprotected]. ${cardName} unavailable for quantities greater than ${maxQuantity}. Has 07 ingraved into bottom as well as 34. No more than 3 tall and 3 in length. After Hummels death in 1946, this right was transferred to an Artistic Board of the Sisters of Siessen, who continue to closely guard Hummels philosophy and artistic style to this day. There are quite a few factors that go into determining the worth of any specific Hummel plate. There was a problem adding this item to Cart. Thanks. The bottom back of the girl (dress) is also flat but painted. Tory minister Kemi Badenoch denies government trying to roll back trans rights,Women and equalities minister Kemi Badenoch has denied the government is rolling back trans rights while taking questions on gender reforms. What does that signify, if anything? I have a figurine of a setting Mary holding Jesus. Above the u is a little mark that looks like a small shortened u and also it looks like there are too many ms in the signature. Hi I have a Hummel table lamp of a little boy holding a flower sitting up against a fence w/ a tree behing him stamped w/ a V with a heart in it Western Germany stamped 227 back of base MJ Hummmmel cant find any info do you have any pricing. While it is possible that this is a Goebel piece it does not appear to be a Hummel. There is no number that I can find on the bottom of either figure. There is a piece of paper on the back the size of a stamp that says: Is there anyway you could provide some insight on this piece and what its value might be. @ Charles, The TMK is how age is determined. I meant its titled We Congratulate not We Celebrate. Hummel put this on all its products. The second date is when the Hummel was painted by the artist. There is also a stamp that saysGermany on the bottom. If you need help with this please see my appraisal page. Appletree Girl #141/1 should be 6 inch tall. Pricing & History. The guide is maintained by Jon R. Warren, whose price guide books have been the authority on collectibles values since 1985. The only marking is a sticker saying that it is a Hummel. Includes initial monthly payment and selected options. She has no box or anything. Goebel used the same trademarking on all their products until the 1990s. There is a good chance to sell your valuable Hummel figurines at a fair price, though you never know with auctions. With their walking stick and big umbrella, these two Hummel children are headed out for an adventure, and not even a little wet weather could put a damper on their special day. Hummel number 16 Little Hiker has been made from TMK 1-8. The right arm is bent at the elbow with 2 fingers raised (as if I promise or I swear). The big mystery is it has very distinctive Three Line Mark(Trademark #4) on the bottom so that puts it as 1964-1972, so why is the date say 1956? and M.I. What would this set be valued at? We are currently facing technical issues and not all calls are being answered. It will be hand wrote in the porclian with the glaze over it. 10 Goebel Hummel figurines $60. TMK 5 - 1972-1978. Hi Bobbie, Can you please tell me if there is a number on the bottom of this figurine? Stamped Germany. These were bought by my grandmother from the Hummel factory in Germany while my grandfather was stationed there. Ive found similar ones online, but they all have plain dresses (whereas mine has little blue cs all over her orange dress and her bucket (for a lack of a better word) is a straight cylinder instead of the tapered ones Ive seen. Excellent condition with no chips, cracks or repairs! Hummel Stormy Weather. According to expert Heidi Ann von Recklinghausen, the price ranges from $6,000 - $9,000. Thank you, Allegra Kelley. I got it down to $267, higher than what you estimate, but I figure I saved on postage. I copied nad paste the above address. Hummel 79 is Globe Trotter this looks just like Happy Traveler but with a basket on the back. If you have a Hummel value related question then please see the Hummel Price Guide page. Two various Hummel ceramic figures height 13 cm approx, each. Hi, I have just inherited over 50 Hummels. Its definitely not the full bee. The first thing you need to do is look for the Goebel trademark, also known as a TMK, at the bottom of your Hummel figurine. Is this figurine done by the artist Unger? Hummel Figurine "STORMY WEATHER" HUM 71 TM6 Goebel Germany 6" MINT G721, Goebel Hummel "Stormy Weather" Boy & Girl under Umbrella #71 Signed Germany 33, Stormy Weather Hummel Figurine 71/2/0 TMK6 - MIB, Goebel Hummel Stormy Weather #71 Umbrella Boy and Girl Figurine, Hummel Figurine "STORMY WEATHER" HUM 71 TM2 FULL BEE MARK Goebel 6.5" MINT H264, Goebel Hummel Stormy Weather No 71 TMK 3LS - 6.25" (BA-I-2), Goebel M.I.Hummel STORMY WEATHER Figurine Boy Girl Umbrella Hum 71 #730 5 1/4 In, Stormy Weather Hummel Goebel Figurine #71 2/4 1984 Boy Girl Under Umbrella 4.5, Hummel Goebel 71 Stormy Weather 6" Figurine TMK3 Stylized Bee, Goebel Hummel Stormy Weather HUM 71 TMK2 Full Bee 6 3/4" Tall. Hoping for the best Enhancements you chose aren't available for this seller. Can you please email me a pic of the bottom of the figurine to [emailprotected] as this would greatly help in the determination of its age and value. The first is Boy with Cello Trademark 1 with the stamps of Made in U.S. Zone and Germany. Hi there should be a number on the bottom of the figurine can you please let me know what number this is? Hummel Stormy Weather Vintage Original Porcelain Figurine and Plate Excellent . thanks for your help. I have not been able to find this madonna anywhere. The Stormy Weather figurine has seen a few variations and even a few different sizes over the years. Thank you Joy. Most relevant reviews. What Is An Estate Sale (And How Do They Work?). There is the word, Germany printed in black off to the right of the V. They do not need to say Hummel on them to be true Hummels. Hum 268 Is divided width-wise, unlike the majority being length-wise. Does the figurine sit on top of a box? However, I have nothing to show book value for the figurine. On the bottom side of the lamp is the engraved full name. Required fields are marked *. M I Hummel figures are produced by renowned German porcelain manufacturer W Goebel Porzellainfabrik ('Goebel'). This maybe a Goebel figurine and not a Hummel. Site design: Dave Lindberg Marketing & Design. Any information would be appreciated. . C $133.5 Free shipping for many products Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Disney store JP Lilo & Stitch 20th Anniv Collectable Object Key & Pin Badge Set at the best online prices at There are some Hummels without a trademark but have to be authenticated by a specialist. Telling her Secret & a boy with bird 9.5 cm high approx, Three vintage Hummel figures, 8.5 cm - 16 cm high, Two Hummel figures Wayside Harmony and the little Cobbler (2), Hummel figure of a school girl, approx. Stormy Weather, Bell, Happy Traveler, Vintage Goebel Hummel W Germany TMK-5 Porcelain Figurine Stormy Weather #71, Stormy Weather Hummel Goebel Figurine 71 2/0 Boy Girl Under Umbrella 5, HUMMEL Goebel Figurine 71 TMK-3 "STORMY WEATHER" 6 INCH EXCELLANT LARGE SIZE, Goebel Hummel #71/I "stormy weather" 6" Girl & Boy underneath umbrella, Pre-WWII Antique EXTREMELY RARE TMK 1 Hummel 6"-7" "Stormy Weather" Crown only, Hummel Figurine Stormy Weather Yellow Umbrella HUM 71 2/0 TMK7 4 1/2" Tall 60th, Vintage Hummel Figurine Stormy Weather #71 Umbrella Boy & Girl Full Bee 6 1/2, Hummel Disney 50 Years Rainy Stormy Weather Minnie Mickey Mouse Set Pair Goebel, Antique MJ Goebel Hummel Stormy Weather Z2 Figurine Umbrella Boy Girl Fall Leaf, Hummel Figurine Stormy Weather Boy & Girl Umbrella #71 W. Germany with vintage. Goebel TMK 8 trademark and 'Special edition of 1,000 pcs.' imprinted in blue and '50 Years of Disney Magic' imprinted in gold on the bottom of the base. I have 2 Hummels that I am trying to determine the value of. So Goebel figurines have the same markings as Hummels up until this time. It has a backstamp with the numbers 141/1(or 7) and the V with the bee inside. On the bottom, the words Western Germany appear to the left of the V and bee symbol. The bottom of each figurine has the marking Authentic Hummel Figure Produced by Ars Sacra Made in USA on it. They are very faint looking maybe a 7 which looks like a military 7 with the line drawn through it. The marking on the Hummel is its trademark stamp. There is a very small impressed (clearly seen when magnified) No 35, as well as the other numbers and letters that are impressed but larger than the No 35. 26 an incised letter U and a black letter H. Is this item a jug or decanter etc? Thanks again! Can you tell me anything more about this and is it authentic? 111 3/0 Wayside Harmony trademark 4 $300 (USD). Trademarks may vary. There value would be $5.00 to $10.00 for all three. New Listing HUMMEL Goebel "STORMY WEATHER" Boy & Girl Under Umbrella 6 1/2" Opens in a new window or tab. Thanks, Hi Sheri, I believe this is a Goebel vase. Hummel 238C $75 $80, Hummel 337 Bashful $125 Hummel Markings. Hummel 16/1 is Little Hiker At first I had no idea how I could do it or how I could make it work but, alas, I have come up with an amazing concept on how to have a fun Sims 4 DDLC playthrough!. Most insurance companies will ask for a written appraisal on the items. Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. It also has the date 1964 and a blue stamp that says GOEBEL W. Germany. Korin Iverson, I have a 14 piece Nativity set that has the 1964-1972 era stamp but all pieces have 1951 printed/stamped on them and embossed 214 and a letter after 214. It's hardly noticeable to the naked eye, u less you get really close to it. Thank you! Rest assured that they'll be able to help you. Sky. It is a little boy holding 1 sheep and another sheep has HX299/1 on it with the w. germany trademark V bee. The underside also has the copyright mark with W. Goebel (written in cursive in blue) next to it. Mother Embracing Child (not sure if it is a Hummel or just a Goebel. 1972 $750-775 (USD) each. A classic and well known figurine, this is scarce because the base. Can you tell me anything about the value of this figurine? Hummel figurines, hand painted childhood statuettes, have been beloved additions to homes for decades, . In the early 1930s, Hummels drawings were published as postcards by Munich-based publisher Ars Sacra. Kraft from the story by Jerry Horwin and Seymour B. Robinson, directed by Andrew L. Stone, produced by William LeBaron and starring Lena Horne, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, and Cab Calloway.The film is one of two Hollywood musicals with an African . i have a hummel pig wall plaque and have not been able to find any others do you know what the value of this would be hes about 7inches tall and has the 1964 mark he is in sitting pose with front legs resting on tummy and a cheery smile i would appreciate any information thank- you. Thank you. Three piece set, salt & paper with a larger monk. Hi, the markings underneath are 2 arrows crossing and the numbers 7961 on two of them but they are different figures and 8219 on the other one. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Its in good condition. Goebel produced the first Hummel figurines in 1935 and production continues until this day. I have a M.I. If you can send photos that would be great. Depending on the size, style, age and condition. There should be a number on the bottom of the figurine by the trademark stamp. Do you go by the newest marking? Jumbo 32 Hummel Apple Tree Girl. Hummels work (the initial postcards) and held copyrights to her art, many consider the Dubler figurines as legitimate collector pieces. Hi, Boys and girls doing everyday duties from picking apples to delivering letters. Are these worth anything? This is one of six Hummels Ive just inherited and I was interested in finding out more about them. 1.) Three various Hummel figurines (larger head restored), Five various Hummel figures & another similar, Two Hummel figurines together with two Hummel pin dishes, Three Hummel figurines, height 15 cm approx (tallest), Two German Hummel figurines comprising of a boy with trumpet and a girl with basket, 13 cm high approx, Two Royal Doulton & 1 Hummel figurines including Royal Doulton HN2230 'A Gypsy Dancer' and HN3388 'Forget Me Not', A Hummel figure of a young girl with basket 16 cm, Hummel girl with watering can, approx 10 cm high, Three various Goebel Hummel figurines, tallest measuring 18 cm tall. Hummel Figurines and Collectibles Value Chart Hummel Price Guide. Tm1-Stormy Weather - Boxed. 3. Theres a 92 at the top, in the middle there is a raised ceramic diamond shape and the most confusing part is the ingraved signature a scripted M. I. Hummel, a copywrite circled c, a line_____________, with 1938 and it was stamped with the V and the bee with another copywrite circled c, W.Goebel and West Germany, all tiered and an open circle cut out at the bottom. Look for any odd hues and shades on your figurine. Auction price is about $85.00 (USD). But the two factors that will affect the value of the Hummels the most are the current market conditions and the condition the Hummels are in. you tell me de value of this hummel and de meaning of What is the name of 128? Hummel #71 "Stormy Weather" TMK5. Subscription successfull! This trademark can affect the value. 7.50 Trademark 5 $400-425 Retail All items sold "AS-IS", "WHERE-IS" with no warranties implied. It also has Rob 405/A and the number 62 impressed on the bottom. $120.00 + $18.24 shipping. I will give you the values to each so you can find out which version you have with greater ease. Goebel made their Hummels in Germany so the one from China I would say is a reproduction. (Note my last name.) After a bit of research we were able to determine that it was probably called Goodnight Angel. Since this has a high value I recommend verifying this with a specialist before making any decisions. 2. So to date a Hummel you go by the TMK. However, different from the image above, there is also (R) just to the right of the bee and V. This marking is on the bottom. Hummel's estimated fair market value: $913.67; Suggested retail price: $2,750; Thank you so much! Angel serenade-1964-1972, #214 D (i think thats it. I am a student and even a few dollars for the guide is alot for I only have this one. I would put this figurine somewhere between those periods and therefore estimate this has a fair market value somewhere between 49 and 63 dollars. Cheers, Angela, Hi Korin, forgot to mention that the Double Crown Mark, is an imprint AND a ink stamp trademark (after checking your guide) from the 1935 to 1949 period. Trademark 3 Hummel 184 latest news retails for $450.00 to $525.00 (USD). Bottom is incised full bee in V, wings above V, no color. and imprinted with the stamp 124. I have photos of the underside and of them. Sponsored. Hummel Figurine STORMY WEATHER # 71/1 $529 VALUE. How much does the age of a figurine affect its value? Conceived by Sister Maria Innocentia Hummela prolific German artist and Franciscan nunthe first figurines were produced by Franz Goebel in 1935. Do the markings help further determine date of manufacture? @Marijke Cross-referencing the HUM number online will easily tell you the name of the figurine and give you additional information about it. This will increase the value of Hummels during that time period. Hi, I have a Hummel Club First Mate 2148/8 2001 and would like to know the value. The production date engraved is 1936. but the three line stamp wsa used from 1964 to 1972. 6 1/4 in, 71. So, how can you tell if you have an authentic Hummel or merely a copycat? I would say this is over priced. True Legacy Homes can help you identify and appraise Hummel figurines and other valuable items in your estate. These marks signified that the figurines were made in the occupied zone of Germany. Vtg. Markings on the bottom of piece are: Double Crown Mark, imprints of X.S.20. and B and also imprint of the number 35. Thank you so much! Copies frequently use cheaper materials like chalk, plaster, or even plastic. These numbers identify the Hummel. It can be as little as $10-20 dollars or $1000s of dollars. Could you help me find out how much they would be worth? Also, if this is a prototype sample, and never made it to the public, the factory numbers, which I learned are these little numbers we can barely see, and imprinted, are internal identification tracking numbers. TMK 6 - 1979-1990. Value and price guides are usually 1-2 years out of date before they even hit the shelves. Obviously, the latter are more valuable. The values on Hummels can vary depending on where you sell them and the current condition of the market. My Husband and I inherited several Hummel figurines from his mother. Through reading your posts, I didnt come across any info on a Hummel I purchased recently (for a bargain). In this time the market is still changing. I agree there are many variations, but this one truly has me stumped:) Could you recommend an expert to ask? The bucket you describe is a candle holder. The other figure is a little boy also wearing oversized slippers, with what looks like a flute held in one arm, and the other arm is holding a rolled piece of paper which could be music. With the Hummels appletree girl and boy there are many variation. Any guide lines would be great. to see your Club Exclusive and Anniversary items, renew your membership, and receive FREE shipping on all orders over $150! The values you find in a guide should always be used a reference. However, the word Germany appears under the trademark, rather than Western Germany, which is what is displayed on most other examples of this figurine. It does have etched on the side M I Hummel. Is this a common item (I wonder since Ive had such hard time finding it) and what is the value? The drawings represented her childhood in Bavariascenes of innocence and sincerity. Client Bill Of Rights Its origin can be in celestial bodies such as the sun, the moon, or the stars, natural phenomena such as lightning, or in materials in combustion, ignition, or incandescence.Throughout history, human beings have devised different procedures to obtain light in spaces lacking it, such as torches, candles, candlesticks . What is the significance of a hand painted number on the bottom of my figurine? birds painted in the dish facing each other. To get a more realistic value you will need to take about 60% off the $3000-3500 = $1800(USD). Also, on the bottom is a black, stylized, hand-painted 9., or at least I suppose thats what it is. 5.5 tall approx, The next is the merry wanderer marked 11/0 and has a full bee (1950-55) in blue set within an incised circle, plus the word Germany in black. I have not personally used this site to sell but I have heard many good things about it. 4 1/2 wide and 5 tall. Goebel used the same trademarking on all of its products until 1990. I wrote about this in the blog. Hi, thanks for the reply. Hummel agreed, reserving the right to choose the official color palette and approve every single figurine. It is engraved allong the base with the M.J. We also have Umbrella Boy & Girl with the identical markings and the 1957 date stamped in the bottom. HUM 229 Apple Tree Girl, Table Lamp. I have 6 hummels. Hope you had a Wonderful Christmas and will have a Happy New Year. Is she busking?? Ships from and sold by M & S Vintage Collectibles. HUMMEL GOEBEL FIGURINE UMBRELLA GIRL 152/0 B TMK 5 Made in Germany HH A101 PA - $56.79. Features both a young male and female keeping dry together under a large dark umbrella. They are asking $319 for it. The estimated value range is 175-275 (USD). What can you tell me about it? It is from the first trademark (TMK-1) collection, namely the Double Crown issue making it a very valuable piece . The average fair market value for the Hummel plates are $35.00-55.00 per plate. thank you. Its a little boy in a tree with a dog at the bottom. ? This product hasn't received any reviews yet. The one in good condition is #228. His base is rectangular but not separated into quadrants. Demand - Some figurines are just more popular than others, like Stormy Weather #71 and Merry Wanderer #7. $39.00 0 bids 5d 12h. jeannie mcbride wolfberg, virtual coaching jobs,
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